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Cultural wealth, Deficit thinking, Internationally trained professionals, Narrative inquiry, Non-faculty staff



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Though significant attention has been drawn to the diversity or lack thereof within the Canadian academe, the attention shown to professionals in non-faculty positions has been quite insignificant in comparison to that shown to faculty members. The purpose of this study is to investigate the experiences of racialized internationally trained professionals in academe and to raise awareness of the gap created by a lack of research into the experiences of non-faculty staff members in Canadian academe. In this study, a narrative approach to understanding the experiences of racialized internationally trained professionals (both faculty and non-faculty) in Canadian post-secondary institutions was used to investigate how these professionals respond to and deal with real and perceived challenges, and how these experiences affect them both professionally and personally. This study includes six participants with professional experience ranging from two to twelve years, and their experiences are situated within a pedagogy of cultural wealth. This study identified a lack of support, foreign credential recognition, institutional structure and responsibilities, and language and cultural differences as common themes in participant narratives. Implications for faculty, non-faculty, post-secondary institutions, and future research are also presented.

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