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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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D. Marquardt

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P. Vacratsis

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D. Xiao


Alcohols, Lipids, Membranes, Neutrons, Peptides, Simulations, Biomimetic membranes



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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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Biological membranes exist in every domain of life. Life exists due to the presence of these special structures for which we take for granted. They are composed of fatty lipids and workhorse proteins and act as the premier interface of biological processes. Due to the sheer quantity and complexity within their thin boundary, studying their actions and properties pose challenges to researchers. As a result, simplified biomembrane mimics are employed regularly. We will use several types of biomembrane mimics to understand fundamental properties of membranes. In the present thesis, we also attempt to move beyond the canonical structure-based theories upon which a majority of biophysical studies are predicated upon. This has been the case as structural quantities still greatly inform on the conditions of the bilayer system, yet the exact lipid distribution and movement are less studied. We will focus upon the movement and organization of phospholipids using a bounty of biophysical techniques, such as small angle neutron scattering, molecular dynamics, and more. The results will be interpreted to show how phospholipid mobility fits into the greater membrane framework.