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Master Thesis

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English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing

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Narbonne, Andre (English Language, Literature & Creative Writing)


Literature, Canadian (English).



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The Sweetness Barrier is a collection of eight short stories representative of the impact the food industry has had on North America. Unlike other popular Canadian food writing, which focuses on the jovial and humorous aspects of food culture, this collection details the ways in which we, consumers and producers of food, have been eating, growing, buying, and distributing irresponsibly. While food may aid in emotional, mental and physical recovery, this thesis highlights the ways it also wreaks havoc, ravishes and destroys us. The convictions behind this work originate in Samuel de Champlain's Order of Good Cheer and in the idea that we are healed when we eat and celebrate together, and are explored further by illustrating how Western society has become increasingly atomized as consequence of our collective, albeit perhaps unconscious, refusal to eat together at the dinner table.