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Academic literacy, English for academic Purposes (EAP), English language learners, International graduate students



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Academic literacy is essential for English language learners to be successful in their graduate programs within a Faculty of Education in Ontario. In this paper, I argue that with careful collaboration between faculty members and English for academic purposes instructors, our international graduate students could be provided with an understanding of academic culture, discourse, genre, context and critical thinking needed for academic success. The main question addressed in the study is: what are instructors’ perceptions of the academic literacy skills of first-year international graduate students at an Ontario university? Through the researcher’s use of critical theory and participant interviews regarding the academic literacy of English language learner (ELL) graduate students, the Faculty of Education instructors at an Ontario university will inform the curriculum development of an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, as well as other stakeholders in this research. Critical thinking and disciplinary conventions are areas observed by the Faculty of Education instructors as needed additional support for ELL graduate students in the Faculty of Education. In conclusion, further collaboration between Faculty of Education graduate course instructors and EAP instructors are needed to further support ELL graduate students in their coursework. This study also explored implications for curriculum development of an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program and various stakeholders at the university.

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