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Civil and Environmental Engineering


Autonomous heavy trucks, Start-up delay, Control strategy


Y.H. Kim



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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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Trucks generally possess a lower level of acceleration, and the start-up delay by trucks exacerbates the signalized intersections’ performance. To mitigate the impact of start-up delay, this study proposes a vehicle-specific stop point and pre-start time for the signalized intersection, which will be referred to as advanced stop point and prior start time (ASP-PST) traffic control system. It utilizes vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications between the signal controller and heavy trucks. The heavy truck starts from a faraway upstream point but before the green light starts. This study provides an analytical solution for the ASP-PST traffic control that allows the heavy truck will reach a targeted location and time with a targeted speed. This innovative system has the potential to improve the efficiency and throughput of intersections, including the smooth passing of heavy trucks. Further, it enables dynamic speed harmonization in trucks and passenger vehicles mixed traffic. Results reveal that the ASP-PST traffic control performs well in various network environments. It reduced the travel time (up to 50%) while creating coordinated platoons with uniformly spaced gaps in our case study network under all tested demand patterns.