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Great Lakes Journal of Undergraduate History, University of Windsor


Having established itself as a beacon of historiographical under- standing and undergraduate ambition, one can only imagine my excitement when presented with the opportunity to become Editor- in-Chief of e Great Lakes Journal of Undergraduate History. How- ever, to say that this process was not also intimidating would be incorrect. Readership and participation in the Journal has extended beyond the University of Windsor’s History department, into the wider Great Lakes region and around the world. e fear of doing an injustice to the outstanding individuals who have helped make this journal such a success was, at times, overbearing. However, I have discovered through this year-long endeavour that the limitations undergraduate students (like myself ) face are largely self-imposed, emerging from a fear of failure. is self-doubt is indeed conquer- able. e very existence of the Journal, which thrives on the enthu- siasm of undergraduate students, rea rms this fact; it is limitless in both its scope, and evolution into the multi-platform exploit that it is today, as a result of their exceptionalism.

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