Dean: Dr. Linda Rohr

The Faculty of Human Kinetics was established in 1974 after having been established as the Faculty of Health and Physical Education in 1965. Including the name change, the Faculty of Human Kinetics has undergone many transformations over the past 45 years, including major renovations to the original building in 2009, and achieving The Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators (CCUPEKA) accreditation in 2011.

The Faculty of Human Kinetics houses both an academic department, referred to as the Department of Kinesiology, as well as the University of Windsor's athletic division, referred to as Athletic and Recreational Services. Finishing over 12 million dollars worth of additions and renovations to the current building, we are proud to have one of the finest Kinesiology facilities in North America, with state of the art labortories and classrooms for our students and faculty members to enjoy. The Department of Kinesiology offers undergraduate programs with majors in Movement Science, Sport Management, and Sport Studies. We also offer graduate programs with majors in Human Performance and Sport Management.


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