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European Sport Management Quarterly


career path, human resources, labour market, mobility, profession


Increased attention to the multiple benefits attributed to sport and physical activity in recent years, has boosted the sport industry and related employment opportunities. Sport and physical activity (SPA) professionals are central in delivering the core services in this sector. This paper analyses the key functions of Spanish SPA professionals in order to reveal the range of opportunities and to strengthen their position in a tapering labour market in Spain.

Face-to-face interviews based on a standardized questionnaire were conducted with 2500 SPA professionals, who were active in 1797 sports facilities across the country. Functions and multi-functionality were analyzed based on city size, age, sex and type of organization.

The results show an extensive, diversified and multifunctional panorama of SPA functions in cities of all sizes. SPA functions shift with age, and women are underrepresented in the majority of these occupations. Multi-functionality is significantly higher among men, older SPA professionals and in the for-profit sector (compared to public and non-profit sector).




First published in European Sport Management Quarterly

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