Submissions from 2021


Cod movement ecology in a warming world: Circumpolar arctic gadids, Harri Pettitt-Wade, Lisa L. Loseto, Andrew Majewski, and Nigel E. Hussey

Submissions from 2020


A framework to estimate the likelihood of species interactions and behavioural responses using animal-borne acoustic telemetry transceivers and accelerometers, Amanda N. Barkley, Franziska Broell, Harri Pettitt-Wade, and Yuuki Y. Watanabe


Inuit observations of a tunicata bloom unusual for the amundsen gulf, western Canadian arctic, Harri Pettitt-Wade, Tristan Pearce, David Kuptana, and Colin P. Gallagher

Submissions from 2019


Alternative reproductive tactics, an overlooked source of life history variation in the invasive round goby, Erin S. McCallum, Aneesh P.H. Bose, Naylor Lobban, and Julie R. Marentette