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Journal of Great Lakes Research

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Language, Partnership, Reconciliation, Two-eyed seeing, Water, Wise practices






This special issue contains 16 articles inspired from a session at the 2021 64th International Association for Great Lakes Research Annual Meeting entitled: “Bridging Knowledge Systems between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.” Four common themes associated with bridging knowledge systems emerged from the collection of articles herein. First, wise practices should form the foundation of ethical, responsive, and productive collaborations. Second, inclusive, and accessible practices can improve our ability to bridge knowledge systems. Third, celebrating and embracing diverse languages and cultures enriches our connection to and understanding of the world around us; languages and cultures are a critical aspect of ontology and expression of knowledge that cut across all articles contained in this issue. Fourth, constructs, such as Etuaptmumk or Two-Eyed Seeing, can help build mutual and equitable relationships drawing on strengths of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge bases. Lessons in applying knowledge-bridging constructs are contained throughout the collection of articles. Indigenous knowledges are a rich source of experiential learning that can no longer be ignored. Creating ethical spaces for co-production of knowledge, co-learning, and joint stewardship is critical to our future and our ability to uphold Indigenous rights today. Throughout this issue, many elements of guidance are offered as ways to begin building the relationships required to bridge knowledge systems in a good way. We intend this collection to further relationship-building and ultimately trust-building among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples and communities.

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