Municipal ID Programs: Possibilities for Inclusion & Dignity

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Centre for Cities, online: https://windsorlawcities.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/UWLW004-Municipal_IDs_Report-sc-v5-compressed.pdf


This paper serves as a backgrounder to the concept of municipal IDs. In Part 1 of the paper, the authors introduce the definition of, and rationale for, municipal ID programs, alongside the research methodology for this paper. In Part 2, the authors highlight several exemplar cities that have adopted municipal ID programs, alongside one city in which a church launched a similar program. We also include a chart with summary information regarding other municipalities’ ID programs. In Part 3, the authors consider benefits as well as problems with municipal ID programs, including questions regarding privacy and immigration. The authors conclude in Part 4 with a summary of good practices for municipalities in Canada considering a municipal ID program.