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Pathway to Potential


social justice, Pathway to Potential, Windsor Law


This report examines the results of interviews withstaff and students who participated in a social justice, policy-­‐focused externship pilot project. In this externship, Windsor Law students were employed at Pathway to Potential (P2P), a poverty reduction collaborative in Windsor-­‐Essex. This evaluation was one of two completed for the purposes of examining development of an externship program at Windsor Law. The other report was completed by Adam Vasey, Law Foundation Fellow at Windsor Law. Mr. Vasey’s report is available separately, and deals with some of the theoretical foundations of externship programs. This report was funded by a small Centred on Learning Innovation Grant provided through the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Funding supported the work of a research assistant, Mr. Leo Gil.

This report sets out student and staff feedback based on the externship. It also outlines elements of a successful externship of this type. This report is based on interview data but does not engage with specifics regarding, for example, curriculum integration or funding. This data is usefully supplemented by the significant amount of research on externship development, primarily from the United States, outlined in Mr. Vasey’s report.

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