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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Solving The Zombie Apocalypse


In a disaster, where are you going to get your information, and what kind of information will you need? Will you have to survive without information, librarians, and libraries? Or is there still a role for them? We propose to address these questions by discussing the current information environment, including how information is created, disseminated, and accessed. How well will our information infrastructure flex in this apocalyptic event? What happens when it and the information knowledge chain are broken? How will you find information you need? What new information infrastructure will arise in its place? What might it look like? How will someone who needs information interact in this new world? This session will provide context and clarify what infrastructure may be available to those with information needs in this brave new world.


V.J. Leung presented a separate set of slides for the second half of the presentation, not included here.