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LIBRARY automation, LIBRARY administration, LIBRARY public services, LIBRARY science, ENTERPRISE relationship management, Canada, Digital libraries, Internet, Library systems, Resource management, Universities


Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to address the issues associated with electronic resources management (ERM) system implementation in a consortium environment.

Design/methodology/approach - The paper outlines the implementation process along with the problems encountered and their solutions and impacts on the use of the system in the implementation of Verde ERM system at University of Windsor Leddy Library, which implemented the system as one of the early adopters within a consortium. The issues and challenges the library experienced in the project are analyzed and discussed.

Findings - The ERM system is still in its early stages. There are both benefits and challenges of the consortia approach in ERM system implementation. Should a library adopt the system within a consortium or just as a single library? When would be the right time to implement an ERM system? Answers depend on the library's local needs, resources and environment. The strategy of ERM system selection, evaluation and implementation is crucial for libraries to make a suitable decision.

Practical implications - The issues related to the ERM system implementation in a consortium environment discussed in the paper will have implications for libraries to select a proper approach and time on the adoption of emerging library systems.

Originality/value - The paper addresses issues related to a large library system, especially ERM system implementation in a consortium environment. The experience and findings obtained from the project can provide practical information to libraries that are considering implementing ERM or other large library systems.


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