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INTEGRATED library systems (Computer systems), OPEN source software, ACADEMIC libraries, SERIALS control systems, LIBRARY users, ELECTRONIC journals, LIBRARY catalogs, LIBRARY resources, CUSTOMIZATION, UNIVERSITY of Windsor, WINDSOR (Ont.), ONTARIO, Library systems, Serials, Serials management


Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to address the integration of SFX link resolver with Evergreen open source integrated library system (ILS). It also aims to describe a method to incorporate print serials into SFX.

Design/methodology/approach - A print serials project has been proposed and implemented to integrate print and electronic serials at University of Windsor Leddy Library. It contains two sub-projects: to incorporate all forms of serials in SFX; and to integrate SFX with the Evergreen library catalogue for serials access. Various issues associated with print serials and open source software were also investigated.

Findings - A unified view of print and electronic serials is desired and well received by librarians and patrons. There is no technical difficulty uploading print serials data into SFX, but the process can be time-consuming and challenging. Open source software is flexible in terms of customization and interoperability with other library systems though it presents challenges to system staff.

Originality/value - This paper has the following contributions: it is the first work on the integration of Evergreen open source ILS and the proprietary link resolver, SFX, in the literature. The issues encountered and their solutions presented in this paper may be applicable to the integration of open source ILSs, such as Evergreen and Koha, with link resolvers or other library systems; and the method described in this paper to facilitate users in accessing all forms of serials may be useful for other institutions having SFX or other link resolver systems.


The article available for download is a post print. The definitive version is published in Library Hi Tech and is available here. Copyright (2012) Emerald Group Publishing Limited.