The 2016 Leddy Research Question Competition selections are now available and it's your chance to vote for your favourite question!

You can vote on your favorite question here for chance to win $50!


$50 prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

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  • Randomly Selected question
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The winners will appear in an upcoming issue of the UWindsor Daily News. Now that the Leddy Research Question competition is winding down, keep an eye out for more information about UWill Discover Undergraduate Research Conference 2017!

UWill Discover

The Research competition is a precursor to the 2017 UWill Discover! Undergraduate Research Conference. UWill Discover provides undergraduates an opportunity to showcase and present their work to faculty and peers in a professional conference setting. Keep an eye out for more information about UWill Discover 2017.

Leddy Research Question Competition 2016

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Can Antarctica sustain a year-round community with today's technology?

Jelena Djukic

Can human pulse be used to generate energy?

Wissam Charaf, Human kinetics

Can someone teach themselves to love something they have hated all their lives, or are likes and dislikes generally permanent parts of a personality?

Jelena Djukic

Do animals exhibit schadenfreude, or is deriving enjoyment from someone else's misfortunes an evolved trait? Why?

Jelena Djukic

Do high-achieving students experience a greater level of stress and anxiety related to academics than students with average grades?

Sophia C. Mannina

Do students who take blended format classes understand the course material better and have higher retention of the material than those who are strictly in-class or online?

Yasin Avci, University of Windsor

How does having a newborn baby on a ventilator influence parent-baby bonding in the first 30 days of life?

Olivia Moretti, University of Windsor

How has online social networking for children changed over the past couple of decades? How did they communicate before and how do they communicate now?

Rajan Patel, University of Windsor

If a stent/balloon catheter is used to treat arterial blockages, because arteries may be too narrow and blocked due to plaque, then can this treatment also lead to other complications (stroke, blood clots, etc)?

Fatima Nadeem, University of Windsor

In only 8 years the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) will be in effect! How can local businesses prepare to be barrier-free?

Faith Lauzon, University of Windsor

Is there a link between genetics and becoming an introvert or extrovert?

Tyler James Gill, University of Windsor

Spivack, McKelvie, and Haynie (2014) suggest successful entrepreneurs frequently suffer from addiction. Does work addiction create better entrepreneurs?

Jonas Lee

To what extent did strategic voting influence the results of the 2015 Federal Election in Canada?

Katrina Hermle

What can be done at the University of Windsor to get this institution into the ranking for the top ten universities in Canada?

Yasin Avci, University of Windsor

What is happiness and how is it achieved.

Giovanna Abraham

What would it take to get an entire community of people, or even a whole country like Canada, to go vegan?

Jelena Djukic

Why do kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch!?

Moaaz Elsayed

Why do many people take offence at the life-choices of others, even when those life-choices don't affect them at all?

Jelena Djukic

Will the recent surges of nationalism in Europe and the United States have lasting effects on Western politics?

Shaun Mikael Pretli, University of Windsor

Would reducing the time spent in hospitals by non-urgent care patients also reduce the number of hospital acquired infections they experience?

Colin Matthews