Academic Librarians and Research: A Study of Canadian Library Administrator Perspectives

Selinda Berg, University of Windsor
Heidi Jacobs, University of Windsor
Dayna Cornwall, University of Windsor


Within the literature exploring the role of research in academic librarianship, very little attention has been paid to the perspectives of upper libraryadministrators. This perspective is critical because library administrators play a key role in hiring, evaluating, supporting, promoting, and tenuring professional librarians. As a way of bringing the administrative perspective to these discussions, our study examines how library administrators within the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) view the role of research in their own libraries and within academic librarianship, as well as how they perceive the current and future climate for librarians’ research. Our study reveals key areas in need of further research and identifies several issues that librarians and upper administrators would benefit from exploring together to advance discussions about research.