Librarians and Libraries Supporting Open Access Publishing

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Canadian Journal of Higher Education





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Open Access, Open Access Publishing, Support for Open Access, Academic Libraries, Canadian Universities

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As new models of scholarly communication emerge, librarians and li- braries have responded by developing and supporting new methods of storing and providing access to information and by creating new pub- lishing support services. This article will examine the roles of libraries and librarians in developing and supporting open access publishing initiatives and services in higher education. Canadian university li- braries have been key players in the development of these services and have been bolstered by support from librarians working through and within their professional associations on advocacy and advancement initiatives, and by signifi cant funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation for the Synergies initiative – a project designed to allow Canadian social science and humanities journals to publish online. The article also refl ects on the experiences of three librarians involved in the open access movement at their libraries, within Canadian li- brary associations, and as creators, managers, and editors in two new open access journals in the fi eld of library and information studies: Evidence-based Library and Information Practice published out of the University of Alberta; and Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Li- brary and Information Practice and Research hosted by the University of Guelph. As active participants in the creation of open access content within their own fi eld, the authors are able to lend their experience to faculty in other disciplines and provide meaningful and responsive library service development.