Major Papers


Stirling Engines, engine assessment, automotive engines


The most tantalizing possibility of realizing the efficiency of the 'theoretical' Stirling thermodynamic cycle applied through a practical automotive engine has led to several attempts to develop such a power unit not long after the conclusion of the second world war. These efforts became much more accelerated and of greater interest in the late1970's. With the development of newer exotic alloys and polymers to meet a number of demands and mainly driven by the aerospace and computer hardware industries, never before seen advances have been made achieving stronger, less costly and ease of manufacturing to once difficult and with that costly components such as the heater head of the Stirling Engine. This paper will report the results of simulating the characteristics of a chosen group of polymers and alloys determining if their physical properties, ease of manufacturing and cost to produce the end product is of renewed interest.

Primary Advisor

Dr. Graham Reader

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering


University of Windsor