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Clean technology innovation and development can play a critical role in climate change mitigation strategies. Targeted at the Canadian government, this paper outlines the important role clean technology can play in achieving Canada’s 2030 emissions reduction targets and recommends strategies to establish the country as an international force in clean technology innovation. This paper evaluates the successes of international leaders in clean technology innovation, identifies hindrances to the progression of clean technology in Canada, and proposes multi-level strategies to overcome the obstacles hampering the Canadian clean technology industry. Lastly, this paper concludes with a call to action for continued research on clean technology innovation. The call to action serves to spark greater awareness of the potential behind the Canadian clean tech sector and encourage further research into methods that can assist Canada in achieving its emissions reduction targets for 2030.

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Kent Walker


Hongwei Xu

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Kent Walker

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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Major Research Paper

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