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e-cigarette, vape, school, smoking, vaping, nicotine


E-Cigarette use has grown at an unprecedented rate in North America. Studies are being conducted to understand the social and health-related implications of this phenomenon. Teenagers are at the center of the discussion when e-cigarette consumption is researched and examined. Understanding the rate of growth and consumption relative to school settings is important to understanding this phenomenon.

A knowledge synthesis is provided to direct the following questions: (1) Where are teenagers consuming e-cigarettes? And why? (2) What are some current North American policies that address smoking and vaping in schools? (3) Why is the consumption of e-cigarettes school property problematic for administrators? How can they prevent the usage of e-cigarettes in their schools? As e-cigarette consumption continues to grow in numbers, research must be conducted to understand its role, impact, and social construct within a North American school system.

Primary Advisor

Dr. Geri Salinitri

Program Reader

Dr. Finney Cherian

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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