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parents, family environment, second language learning, foreign language learning, children, critical period hypothesis


This major paper talks about the influence of family on foreign language learning of children. Families in different countries, regions, and cultural background have different attitudes and views towards learning a foreign language and may hold unique opinions on the ways and methods of learning foreign languages. This paper introduces the current situation of children learning a foreign language in different countries, at different ages, and discusses whether children's learning a foreign language is deeply influenced by their families. The paper also attempts the analysis from various perspectives, including the attitudes of the parents towards second language learning, the social-economic status of parents, and the educational background and cultural influence of parents. It explores the relationship between the Critical Period Hypothesis and foreign language learning and provides recommendations about how to learn foreign language effectively. Moreover, in this study, it was found out the family environment indeed affect the foreign language learning of children, and provide recommendation from three groups of people: children, parents and teachers.

Primary Advisor

Zuochen Zhang

Program Reader

Kara Smith

Degree Name

Master of Education



Document Type

Major Research Paper

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