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Chinese immigrants, parental involvement, challenges and conflicts


In the educational system, students who receive higher support from parents have a positive trend of performing better in school. This paper will focus on the quality and level of parental involvement in Chinese immigrant families, and the factors and challenges that exist. It will examine how language, culture, and parental educational will impact the amount that parents are involved in their children’s education, and how there may be both external and internal factors that affect this. Overall, the study finds that language barriers, communication resources, cultural upbringing and beliefs, and particular school characteristics will have a big impact on parental involvement.

Specifically, factors like a school’s respect for minority culture or an education system’s availability of resources in other languages will present a welcoming environment or barriers to allow parents to participate in their children’s education. To prove these points, this research uses literature reviews from a variety of sources in order to support the observations and will finally discuss strategies that can be taken to increase parental involvement and help improve immigrant children’s learning by adding ways parents can be involved.

Primary Advisor

Dr. George Zhou

Program Reader

Dr. Terry Sefton

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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