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Special education, core French, individual education plans, resources, demand


According to regulation 298 of the Ontario Education Act (1990), a primary role of educators is to ‘effectively’ instruct the students they have been assigned. It is my understanding that ‘effective’ teaching is more than simply giving the lesson of the day that aligns with the curriculum. As a teacher, I try to support my pupils’ learning by taking into consideration the best possible way to serve their diverse abilities. Furthermore, I acknowledge that students may require personalized and tailored school supports in order to fully benefit from their educational experience. In my own practice, I have utilized special education programs and services as resources to individualize my pedagogy. That said, working in the realm of special education has its challenges. This major paper has the purpose of exploring these barriers while understanding special education as a growing tool to cater to the diversity of students in 20th century classrooms.

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Lindsay Jaber


Priscila Corrêa

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Lindsay Jaber

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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