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computational thinking, policy, curriculum design, framework, education


The importance of the problem-solving skills involved in computational thinking has gained significant traction since its introduction. As Ontario seeks to implement coding into the school curriculum, an analysis of previous implementation of computational thinking could provide a framework for which to formulate new curriculum in the province. A literature review was completed to investigate the following three questions: (1) How has computational thinking been implemented into education in a K-12 environment? (2) What barriers will affect the implementation of computational thinking in a K-12 environment? (3) What grade levels are appropriate for implementing the varying competencies of computational thinking? This literature review sheds light on the need for teacher support, the political implications involved in introducing new curriculum, and where computational thinking best fits into current K-12 curriculum.

Primary Advisor

Dr. G. Salinitri

Program Reader

Dr. K. Smith

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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