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CEO, Job Satisfaction, Non-profits, Organizations


This major research paper will examine the relationship between the job satisfaction of non-profit organization Chief Executives (CEOs) and characteristics of individual demographics, compensation, and organizational culture. The main purpose of this study is to examine the techniques in improvement of the productivity of the employee by investigating the factors that would lead to job satisfaction. Using data from the 2016 BoardSource governance survey that resulted in the 2017 Leadership with Intent report, this study reports on data collected from the survey of 1,759 CEOs. Using correlational and regression analyses, five hypotheses are examined related to CEO gender and age, CEO compensation, organizational creation of staff positions, and factors of organizational culture that relate to CEO job satisfaction. Findings demonstrate that the older generation, increase in salary, creation of new jobs, and good culture would all relate to higher CEO job satisfaction. These results suggest that neither culture nor compensation alone are enough to maximize CEO job satisfaction, but that each operates independently of the other.

Primary Advisor

Christopher Fredette


Rachel Aleks

Program Reader

Kent Walker

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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Major Research Paper

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