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Interdisciplinarity, Higher Education, Freedom, Autonomy.


The lineage of interdisciplinarity throughout history pushes us towards understanding the need for interdisciplinarity more than ever in a modern climate. Through a meta-analysis of current literature, topics and themes will be discussed to find answers on how interdisciplinarity of professors are present within institutes of higher learning on a global scale; in addition, the implications that can be drawn from interdisciplinarity of higher education professors. This global outlook of research will focus on a continental approach to observing the divergent forms of interdisciplinarity in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania with nineteen different articles across nineteen different nations across the globe. Themes discussed in the literature relate to creating a free and autonomous interdisciplinarity in higher education, the need for sustainable education, new and integrative ways of learning, university frameworks for administration and professional development, and a global interdisciplinarity framework to consolidate the many socio-geographic forms of interdisciplinarity. Implications arose with the need to address the impact of inherent and biological interdisciplinarity, and the potential limitations of interdisciplinarity when used as a policy lever inside institutions. Ultimately, the need for interdisciplinarity relating to our innate convictions of making knowledgeable connections is not a new idea, rather a reinvigoration of primal concepts relating to knowledge attainment.

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Clayton Smith

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Cam Cobb

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