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Supply Chain Finance, SCF, SCF Products, Blockchain, Securitization


This major research paper surveys the various aspects of supply chain finance, a recent sphere of working capital management techniques, and its importance for managing small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Globalism and elimination of trade obstacles have encouraged managers to reassess their capital investment priorities. The transition of managements' focus from manufacturing, stocking, and distribution to establishing and preserving a network of multiple partners entails adopting more trust-based and inclusive financing techniques. Moreover, the technological and managerial breakthroughs have reduced the inefficiency in the supply chain's physical flow, justifying taking a similar approach to financial flow within a supply chain. As a complex of financial and managerial methods, supply chain finance aims to resolve the untrustful relationships in business environments and facilitate financing while preserving the interests of multiple parties involved. The paper also examines the various individual techniques executed in the supply chain finance ecosystem. We discuss financing processes, risk mitigation strategies, benefits, and challenges associated with all those unique techniques. Finally, the paper concludes by contemplating recent financial and technological trends shaping the future of supply chain finance, such as securitization and blockchain technology.

Primary Advisor

Dr. William Anderson

Program Reader

Dr. Talal Al-Hayale

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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Major Research Paper

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