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Metal Matrix Composite, Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite, Different stirring parameters, Mechanical testing.


Aluminum is more widely employed metal in industries due to its advantageous characteristics. But there are some limitations in the usage of aluminum which can be resolved by developing composites with reinforcement. So, AMMC is gaining more recognition in the industrial sector with regards to its mechanical behavior and possess good thermal conductance. Aluminum based MMC reinforced with TiC and graphene particles were developed successfully by two step stir casting. Two step stir casting was incorporated to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional stir casting technique that results in increased porosity and agglomeration which results in the non-homogeneous distribution of the particles. The stirring speed and stirring time play a vital role in the microstructure and mechanical properties of the final fabricated composite. The weight percentage of Al6061 is 95.7% is reinforced with TiC of 4% and Graphene of 0.3% under the parameters of stirring speeds 400 and 500 rpm and with stirring time of 10 and 20 minutes. To estimate this, mechanical property such as hardness is analyzed for pure aluminum and the reinforced composite with different stirring conditions that proves the enhanced properties of the developed hybrid composite. In addition to this, the SEM analysis were done to test the homogeneity of the particle distribution in the matrix.

Primary Advisor

Dr. Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech

Program Reader

Dr. Henry Hu

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Master of Applied Science


Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering

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Major Research Paper

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