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• “Long-term care facilities” • Ontario • COVID-19 • “Government of Ontario” • “SALC” • “Long-term care workers” • “Seniors Active Living Center” • “older adults” • Qualitative


This paper demonstrates ideas and initiatives that seek to prove how a Seniors Active Living Center model can take part in ending the long-term care crisis in Ontario in parallel to long-term care facilities. Seniors who are 65 years and older are the fastest growing age group in Ontario, and with such a big number of older adults in need of health care, more pressure is reflected on Ontario’s economy to provide them the proper care that they need; this in turn has led to the long-term care crisis. This crisis is exacerbated by ageism, alleged abuse and mistreatment of older adults, the shortage of health care workers in long-term care facilities, and most recently the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Ontario Government has also acknowledged the long-term care crisis, addressing that an investment in the healthcare sector would be worthwhile. However, the acknowledgment, along with the various studies on the crisis are considered insufficient. This paper discusses solutions that policy makers and Ontario’s community must consider to eliminate the long-term care crisis, especially since situations in long-term care homes are worsening due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Viewed from a rational-institutionalist lens, qualitative methods will be used to research how Ontario could overcome the crisis in long-term care facilities. Overall, it is concluded that the main solution to attain better health care for older adults in Ontario is to invest towards a developed Seniors Active Living Center (SALC) model in parallel to LTC homes with the support of policy makers and community activism. After this model takes off, older individuals’ concerns would be treated in a serious and timely manner with more justice, respect, and consideration.

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Dr. Rebecca Major

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Dr. John Sutcliffe

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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Internship Paper

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