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Chinese international students, sense of belonging, integration, student retention


Since 2000, an increasing number of Chinese international students have been entering North American universities, and many have experienced issues with a sense of belonging, which can in turn impact their academic, social performance, and psychological wellbeing. However, there is limited research on this topic that is exclusively focused on Chinese international students. Therefore, in order to establish the direction that future research should take, a thorough literature review has been conducted with the aim of establishing the factors that shape this phenomenon, the impact it has on students and institutions, and strategies that help to overcome this issue. Based on this research, it is clear that should universities hope to improve student outcomes and retention rates, future studies need to explore factors such as cultural impacts, campus climates, information availability, and strategies from the perspective of educational institutions, teachers, students and local governments.

Primary Advisor

Dr. George Zhou

Program Reader

Dr. Clinton Beckford

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper