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delta winglet pair, heat transfer enhancement, flow characteristics, standardized regression coefficient, solar panels, wind tunnel


We can manipulate the prevailing atmospheric wind to enhance the convective cooling of a solar photovoltaic panel and thus its energy conversion efficiency. The transverse spacing (D) of a delta winglet pair was examined for its role in convective heat transfer enhancement. A pair of winglets with an inclination angle of 90° and chord/height (c/h) ratio of 2 was positioned at an attack angle of 30° with respect to incoming wind at a Reynolds number, based on the winglet height, of 6300. The transverse distance, D, was varied from 0 to 3h in 1h increments. The Nusselt number normalized by the reference no-winglet case, Nu/Nu0, was determined from the surface temperature measured by a thermal camera. The D=2h case was found to lead to the largest Nu/Nu0. This significant heat transfer enhancement was explained in terms of vortical flow characteristics detailed at 10h downstream of the winglet pair, where the most potent downwash was induced when D=2h.

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Dr. David Ting

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Dr. Vesselina Roussinova

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Mr. Steve Ray

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Master of Applied Science


Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering

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Major Research Paper

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