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Exergy analysis, Unavoidable exergy, Trigenerative CAES, relative exergy


Trigenerative compressed air energy storage (T-CAES) capitalizes on the heat of the compression process, something that is often wasted in more conventional CAES approaches. A T-CAES system with a 4-kW compressor and 2-kW turbine is thermodynamically analyzed in this study. Exergy analyses performed on each component in the system identify specific areas for improvement. It is found that, under actual conditions, more than half of the total exergy destruction is caused by the accumulator and about a quarter of the destruction is caused by the pressure regulator and turbine. Further, the pressure regulator, accumulator and turbine offer 66%, 27% and 32% of individual component recoverable exergies, respectively. These recoveries can improve the overall exergy efficiency of the system by 35%.

Primary Advisor

Dr. David S-K Ting


Dr. Rupp Carriveau

Program Reader

Dr. Jennifer Johrendt

Degree Name

Master of Applied Science


Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering

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Major Research Paper

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