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Education, Divorce, Academic achievement


Given the prevalence of divorce in society, there is great concern for the wellbeing of children involved in these marital disruptions. This issue has become increasingly problematic for schools, in that teachers, school counselors and school officials recognize that there is need to provide practical strategies and coping skills for these children as well as those individuals that deal with them daily. This literature study set out to examine the impact of divorce on children in relation to their school performance, particularly in the area of academic achievement. Studies have determined that many variables associated with divorce had an effect on children's academic achievement. In general, the results of these studies suggest that

while divorce on its own can be a factor in children's lower academic achievement, variables such as age, gender, socioeconomic status, conflict prior to the divorce, and remarriage also have an impact on the level of children's academic success. Unfortunately, the results of this study show that there are limitations in the intervention programs that are implemented within schools because related studies do not often provide practical strategies to guide teachers who are involved with these children's education. To address this problem, a model of practical school based strategies is hereby proposed.

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B. Egbo

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K. Smith

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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