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A systematic review of the mindfulness literature is conducted. A sample of 54 academic articles was created and an analysis of the empirical evidence on the effects of mindfulness on work-related outcomes and processes—such as employee performance, leadership, and ethical decision making—was conducted. The sample was analyzed to address four underlying issues in the literature: (1) the need for a complete definition of mindfulness, (2) the need for more developed theory, (3) the difficulties associated with operationalizing mindfulness, and (4) to identify gaps in the literature and areas for future research. We conclude that: (1) there may be different forms of mindfulness practice in organizations that impact varying aspects of organizational effectiveness and (2) the study and application of mindfulness in organizations offers promising directions; however, more research is needed to create a basis of evidence for successful mindfulness training programs. Further, a deeper understanding of the theories used to understand the mechanisms, consequences, and conditions of mindfulness would benefit organizational effectiveness.

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Kent Walker

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Karen Robson

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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Major Research Paper

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