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Violent, extremism, France, Sahel, Violent extremism, Interventionism, Foreign Interventionism


The Sahel region is progressively becoming a hot zone for violent extremist activities and the consistent splintering of groups keeps facilitating its spread into sub-Saharan Africa. This ever-growing threat has triggered varied responses from both states, regional and international actors respectively. As far as international response goes, France plays a leading role in the fight against violent extremism with the basis of its intervention hinged on the 'special relationship' France has with the affected countries in the Sahel which are all French-speaking states. This has eventually led many to question France's commitment to a joint multilateral response as this is seen as the best alternative to combat violent extremism in the Sahel. This research seeks to inquire how France's counter-terrorism responses impact the existing multilateral responses by other relevant stakeholders.

Primary Advisor

Jesse Ovadia

Program Reader

Jamey Essex

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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Major Research Paper

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