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entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, Toronto, ethnic businesses, bakery


Daan Go is a brand of Euro-Asian food services, now consisting of only its specialty bakery Daan Go Cake Lab. Having various retail locations across the Greater Toronto Area with current distribution channels that serve both Ontario and Quebec, Daan Go is currently focusing on expanding its bakery operations across Canada. To fulfill its vision of becoming a world-wide desserts brand, Daan Go finds itself facing unique challenges. Based on a case analysis, this report examines how Daan Go can leverage its current key capabilities, while maintaining its competitive position within the niche market it serves.

This report provides an overview of Daan Go, including its retail locations, ownership, management and workforce, products and services, and its current marketing strategy. Next, the report analyzes the competitive landscape by comparing Daan Go to local speciality bakeries, including direct competitor bakeries that also specialize in Euro-Asian fusion desserts, and general competitor bakeries. The report’s situational analysis examines Daan Go’s operating environment through the use of a PESTEL analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces, and a SWOT analysis. These analyses inform the report’s recommendations to Daan Go as to its next steps as the bakery continues to expand throughout the province.

Potential solutions to issues identified by Daan Go are evaluated through the use of multi-criteria decision matrixes. An implementation plan and marketing plan follows, including a 5-year financial projection. The report’s recommendations are based upon an analysis of Daan Go using recognized business theories and frameworks.

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Dr. Francine Schlosser

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Dr. Peter Voyer

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Daan Go

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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Major Research Paper

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