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Settlement workers, SWIS, refugee, ESL, newcomer, education


Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) provide newcomer students (elementary and secondary) and their families with support as they integrate into their new Canadian communities. In this paper, I explore the experiences of Settlement workers and the perceptions of their roles in the eyes of the newcomer students, families, and school staff they support. I researched the benefits and challenges they experience while supporting the acculturation process of their clients. I also review recommendations on how to support these individuals in their roles. Using a social constructivist lens supported by the Ecological Systems theory, I endeavor to uncover themes that highlight the importance of Settlement workers in schools and the community at large. This may also lead to understanding the complexities of relationships among Settlement workers, school staff, and newcomer students and families.

Primary Advisor

Dr. Geri Salinitri

Program Reader

Dr. Finney Cherian

Degree Name

Master of Education



Document Type

Major Research Paper

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