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South Asia is fast becoming a zone depletion as a result of the frequency and intensity in climate change events. Amidst these changing patterns and trends Bangladesh remains one of the most vulnerable countries in the region, and this has resulted in millions of people being displaced by disasters associated to climate change. Over time these displacements have resulted in conflicts in destination areas as a result of several factors. There have been many challenges emerging due to the interaction between climate change, migration and conflict thereby making the affected population vulnerable, although the Bangladesh government has put in place some policies to respond the challenges following climate change and its impact on migration and conflict. There have been many shortcomings of the strategies, and this indicates a need for the reassessment of policies and strategies, also the need to adopt various adaptation strategies to combat the woes of climate change and migration in Bangladesh.

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J. Essex

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R. Amore

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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Major Research Paper

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