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social networking sites, adult education, adult learning, technology, professional development


Social Networking Sites (SNS) are rapidly taking over people’s personal as well as professional lives, globally. It has not only changed the way masses communicate and express but is also transforming the way learning is looked at. Though considered as inherently personal spaces, these sites are now proving to be professional spaces to learn; used by millions of consumers and validated by field experts and mentors. Although there is some amount of research done on the effects social network platforms have on school education, the way it is moulding adult education is yet to be fully investigated. Adult education is essentially unlike school education as it usually has a specific goal, either personal or career oriented. Since SNS are affecting all these aspects of life and the world is starting to accept them as not only socialising tools but as executive tools, it is time for these sites to be a part of adult education too.

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Dr. Christopher Greig

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Dr. Zuochen Zhang

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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