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Author ORCID Identifier : Mohammed Shiblee


City of Windsor; Municipal Government, Municipal By-Laws, Multi-ethnic Population, Diaspora Communities, Culturally Competent


Although more difficult to articulate than implement, educating the multi-ethnic populace about municipal by-laws is among the most difficult tasks for any Canadian administrative institution, whether provincial, federal, municipal, or even grassroots. When considering such circumstances, the present state of the Corporation of the City of Windsor, or the City of Windsor as a whole, offers both a challenge and an opportunity. In terms of challenges, Windsor is home to a vibrant, multi-ethnic community comprised of local, diaspora and minority populations, which often encounters various socio-cultural obstacles concerning the understanding and upholding of municipal by-laws. From an opportunity standpoint, the City of Windsor has the capacity to reverse the current situation by enacting policies and by-law education initiatives that are linguistically and culturally sensitive, as well as by demonstrating respect for the diverse local and diaspora communities it serves. By applying the cultural competency and diversity theory proposed by Ginossar and Nelson (2010) and Betancourt et al. (2016), the purpose of this internship paper is to analyze and confront the socio-cultural obstacles encountered by the multi-ethnic population in Windsor in relation to understanding municipal by-laws. It will also look at the current state of the by-law enforcement division of the City of Windsor and identify its challenges towards implementing culturally competent municipal by-law educational initiatives. In the end, this internship paper aims to demonstrate and recommend both short-term and long-term culturally competent educational strategies for municipal by-laws that could potentially help the City of Windsor by drawing inspiration from the culturally competent educational initiatives that other municipalities have taken to educate its growing multi-ethnic population.

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J. Sutcliffe

Program Reader

T. Najem

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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Internship Paper

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