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Corporate Governance is one of the most important aspects of corporate life. The role requires individuals to have a moderate, if not excellent command of not only the industry they are operating within, but the basic tenants of many disciplines including law and finance. It is therefore important to not only view how these disciplines contribute to their knowledge individually, but also how they might work together to provide a better insight into governing a company on a day-to-day basis.

A predominant decision that often comes under scrutiny is the relationship between executive compensation and M&A Activity. This paper takes a multi-disciplinary approach to corporate governance by looking at the legal and financial motivations and obligations of directors and officers as they pertain to M&A activity, in order to gain insight into the legal and behavioural theories that drive their actions.

The paper will summarize studies outlining the paradoxical interests of directors and officers as representatives of the corporation and shareholders, in the context of M&A activity. This study will combine those insights with the legal landscape, in order to make recommendations with respect to best practices of directors and officers and contribute to the foundational knowledge on Corporate Governance.

Primary Advisor

Eahab Elsaid


Adriano Durante

Program Reader

Bharat Maheshwari

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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Major Research Paper