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Passive Cooling, Natural Ventilation, PCM, CFD, HVAC, Twisted Tape


The ever-growing demand for air conditioning in buildings contributes significantly to global energy consumption. This trend necessitates the exploration of sustainable cooling solutions that prioritize energy efficiency and occupant comfort. This research investigates the integration of phase change materials (PCMs) with natural ventilation and established passive cooling systems to achieve these goals. A numerical model is developed to simulate a building with a naturally ventilated design and a PCM-integrated rooftop (Chapter 2). This chapter delves into the impact of various PCM types and thicknesses on indoor thermal comfort and energy savings potential. Furthermore, the optimal location for PCMs within the building envelope when paired with a natural ventilation and passive cooling system is investigated (Chapter 3). This investigation explores the synergy between effective passive cooling strategies, efficient ventilation, and maintaining optimal indoor air quality. Both studies demonstrate the effectiveness of PCM integration in reducing cooling loads and fostering energy-efficient buildings. This research also introduces a novel design for solar chimney-earth air heat exchangers (SC-EAHE) that incorporates twisted tapes to enhance heat transfer efficiency (Chapter 4). The performance of the SC-EAHE system with twisted tapes is evaluated, focusing on its contribution to achieving passive cooling and optimizing the EAHE. These strategies present innovative strategies for achieving sustainable building cooling through the integration of PCMs and improved natural ventilation systems. The findings provide valuable insights for architects, engineers, and policymakers who strive to design energy-efficient and thermally comfortable buildings. By promoting a shift towards sustainable cooling solutions, this research contributes to mitigating the environmental impact of the built environment.

Primary Advisor

Amir Fartaj

Program Reader

David Ting

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Master of Applied Science


Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering

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Major Research Paper

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