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Science education, Chinese science education, Inquiry-based learning, Creativity, Creative thinking ability



It is believed that developing the creative thinking ability is the key to maintaining competitiveness in the automation age. Science education plays an important role in preparing the young generation’s creativity to face the unpredictable future. Inquiry-based learning, which is a creativity promoting pedagogy, has been presented as the major teaching strategy in China. However, several deficiencies of Chinese science education still limit the utilization of inquiry-based learning and students’ creativity development. This paper analyzes the combination of creativity development and science education in China through the vision of inquiry-based learning. The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the importance of students’ creativity ability training and demonstrate the limitations of science education in China. Further, the paper provides several recommendations in nurturing Chinese students’ creativity in science learning.

Primary Advisor

Dr. George Zhou

Program Reader

Dr. Zuochen Zhang

Degree Name

Master of Education



Document Type

Major Research Paper