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disney, abc, media concentration, critical discourse analysis, rohan khanna, battlefront 2, videogame, ps4, pc, xbox one


With advancement in technology in the context of high speed internet, smartphones, animation and videogames to name a few, companies like Disney have been harnessing this evolution to help prosper in a capitalist competitive environment. Through the incorporation of Huckin’s Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), the research observes Disney’s attempt to fully leverage its newly acquired (costly) property, Star Wars in the realm of video games, to synergize promotional activities for the much more profitable films. The videogame is covered through articles and interviews on the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) news website and YouTube, respectively, and aims to report on the game. ABC fails to provide information regarding the implementation of the controversial loot boxes (virtual items purchased to further acquire randomized virtual items like weapons, attire, character skins, etcetera) and micro-transactions, which resonates with media concentration and ownership, the theme of this study.

Primary Advisor

J. P. Winter

Program Reader

V. Manzerolle

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Master of Arts


Communication, Media and Film

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Major Research Paper

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