Major Papers


climate change, media, environmental, communication, ideology, discourse


This major research paper explores how climate change is discussed in the Calgary Herald and what some of the potential implications might be for such discourse. I argue that communication about climate change must be altered in order to generate widespread public understanding. First, I argue that climate change must be regarded as an issue of social justice if it is to gain any traction as a social movement. Next, I review the current state of governmental and environmental action within Alberta. Then efforts are directed towards explaining the importance of communication, and in particular, how certain texts can be ideologically constrained. A content analysis and a critical discourse analysis are conducted on a sample of articles from the Calgary Herald that include the term climate change. Finally, suggestions are made to help readers improve communications on the subject, reduce their carbon footprint, and support sustainability.

Primary Advisor

Karen Engle

Program Reader

Susan Bryant

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Communication, Media and Film

Document Type

Major Research Paper

Convocation Year