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We improve upon the groundwork that began with “The Economic Impact of the

University of Windsor on the Tri-County Region” by Tselmuun Tserenkhuu (2017). We

quantify the economic impact of education, measured by the aggregate income differential

of graduates of the University of Windsor who have stayed within the tri-county region and

found employment and those who graduate from the local college. Using data provided by

the University of Windsor, Leddy Library and tri-county census data, we estimate (1)

number of graduates the university has produced each year, (2) fraction of graduates who

remain in the tri-county region, (3) fraction of graduates who find employment (4) the

cumulative economic impact through education of the University of Windsor, and (5) the

annual impact of the University of Windsor in 2016. Our results show that the original

estimate of this impact, of $42.93 billion in 2016 constant prices, was a good initial

estimate. Our use of real data has led to an estimate of about $45 billion.

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Nurlan Turdaliev

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Jay Rhee

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Master of Arts



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Major Research Paper

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