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popular music, gender, gender equity, popular culture, social studies, schools


Equity studies has been indicated in Ontario’s social sciences curriculum, and gender equity is included in the grade 11 course “Gender Studies.” Popular music, a crucial part of popular culture, is one of the favourite pastimes among adolescents. The relationship between popular music and gender equity as well as the educational value of popular music has been discussed extensively in both the music and sociology areas. Connecting to gender equity education in schools, this paper demonstrates how gender topics are displayed in popular music and the implications of using 21st-century popular music to discuss gender equity in grades 9-12. In addition, the paper explores the relationship between popular songs and gender equity by critically analyzing redundant popular songs.

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the relationship between 21st-century popular music and gender equity, and the benefits of integrating popular music into introducing gender equity studies in grades 9-12.

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Christopher Greig

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Christine Vanderkooy

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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