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This study assesses the role of natural resources in civil wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The study uses qualitative research techniques and employs the resource curse theory. The DRC has witnessed about 5 million deaths due to human right abuses and armed conflict. The country has been in conflict over the natural resource exploitation as interested parties seek to benefit from the natural resources. The country possesses vast natural resources which have been the object of interest by various parties. These natural resources have prolonged the conflict in DRC, but at the same time is not the main cause of the conflict. This study examines the role played by multinational companies, rebel groups and the international community in financing the conflict in their quest to accumulate natural resource wealth. The study finds that the conflict in DRC hinders the country’s utilization of the natural resources which is an obstacle to economic development.

Primary Advisor

Dr. Jesse Ovadia

Program Reader

Dr. Tom Najem

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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Major Research Paper

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