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gender education, picture books, preschool children, gender stereotypes


This paper explores the relationship between children’s books and gender with a particular focus on images. The aim is to explore gender constructions found in images in children’s books. In the first chapter, the concepts related to gender, children's books and gender education, as well as the importance of gender education of preschool children are introduced. The second chapter surveys the relevant literature to explore what is a children's picture book, and the three historical stages of development of children's picture books: Embryonic period, Growth period and Boom period. The third chapter analyzes two picture books that have gender education significance. Finally, at the end of the paper, as a progressive way forward, I design a curriculum framework that I hope will help educators and others better understand how to choose picture books for preschool children.

Primary Advisor

Dr. Christopher Greig

Program Reader

Dr. Zuochen Zhang

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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